The story of three crazy or not..? (future will tell) founders who are family members

What made us one day decide to abolish the entrepreneurial life, pack three backpacks and move to a third world country. We lived in jungles, until one day, in one sentence everything changed. Why did we leave heaven and decided to compete with the biggest technology companies?

With this!

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Our collective reaction to our first shopping experience can be summarised thusly: wow. People who have lived in developed western cities all their lives have certain expectations when it comes to shopping. We expect to roll through large supermarkets, filling our enormous shopping carts with everything we desire. Well, that was not the case here! […]

She became interested, explored some ideas and listened. Hila’s outstanding statement was: “I’ll be ready to live again this way of life only if I’m absolutely believe that the project is needed, worth it, economically justified, interesting and challenging.” At this point all of us got the green light. Rotem the visioner managed to sweep […]

After two months of thought and playing with names, we decided to call the project Topishare. At the same time we started working on its specifications, “Topishare’se Bible” as Hila calls it. Garage phas We started working around the clock. Remember? Still without a watch but starting at sunrise until late at night. We are […]